Quezon Memorial Circle: In Review

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I knew little about Quezon Memorial Circle not until I got a rented space for the weekend market there on August last year. After nine years when I first visited the place, numerous improvements were made in there. Before, it was a place barely compared to a little forest since there are plenty of trees that shade nature lovers and visitors. Back then, the circle is only for the joggers, bikers and family gathering. Now, it is well known for its amusement parks. Amenities and fun factories such as the zip line, the Circle of Fun, the Go Kart Station among others are built that attract people across the metropolis.

Actually, I spent the Christmas there with my family. We took care of our tiangge stall which was placed with the others along the pathway from the Commonwealth entrance going to the fountain. Really, the park accommodates a lot of people, mostly families with there children and oldies. No entrance fee have been collected and everyone can bring there own food and drinks and have a picnic. The only thing you have to pay is for using the toilet which costs P5.00 for urinating and P10.00 for using the C.R.

In the morning, as early as 5:00AM, the place is already filled with joggers and those who do aerobics exercise, counting 1..2..3.. while sweating in the rhyme of the background music. Martial arts practitioners also frequented the place. Children are playing in the playground named Circle of Joy. But kids and adults also have lot of things to do there.

Those who wanted to explore their fear, they can try the zip line for a much cheaper cost. For kids and kids alike, a theme park is already open. It is known as the Circle of Fun. They have rides like the Dragon boat, a mini-roller coaster, Ferris wheel, Carousel, and Water Baloon ride where children can go inside the oxygenated balloon which  float in the water (my son tried this and he enjoyed a lot). Some attractions have been improved and added to invite more people. At the other side, me and my kid tried Go Karting. We enjoyed this ride for a minimal fee. Inside the Picnic Area beside the Go Karting Station, birds and other animals can be found like the Scarlet Macaw and Blue and Gold Makaw. You may also enjoy a boat ride there in the Boat Station. However, there is a P10.00 entrance fee which is non-consumable for these rides aside from the fee of the ride itself. But don’t worry. It’s not the cost that counts, its the thoughts and experience. Right?

Of course, the tiangge is among the features of the circle since in this spending time, people are resorting to a cheaper but quality products. These small stalls or shops offer variety of products that you may not need to go to experience crowded Baclaran or Divisoria market. You can buy items with cost starting from P10.00 only.  There are toys, house wares, cooking wares, apparels, clothing, kid’s shoes and dresses, gadgets among others. Tattooing is also offered there for a fair price. Isn’t it a real value for your hard earned money?

For those who are graving for food, there’s also a place for you. The Circle of Food offers variety of Filipino foods from breakfast to dinner with snacks in between. Aside from this place restaurants can be found nearby. It is up to you to choose from. Surely, you will not leave circle unsatisfied with their offerings.

The park encircling the shrine hold a fascinating mix of activities including students practicing dance number or a cheering squad, chess championships, massage therapies by the blind, and ballroom dancing, etc.

Finally, the Circle is very good for picnic. Aside from free entrance and free food (means you don’t have to buy since you can bring your own homemade goodies), you can setup your own tent and enjoy the forest-like environment. But please respect the environment. There are toilets in different locations. Also dispose your garbage properly. Better put them in the garbage bag and later put them in the trash.

While we enjoy we should not forget to do our own share of protecting the environment while giving due respect to the one whom this place was built for. This park is a national park and a national shrine built in honor of Manuel L. Quezon, a brilliant and charismatic leader who became the first elected president of our country.

For those who haven’t been there, we invite you to come and experience Circle and share the experience to others. And for those who say there’s nothing about the Circle, the shrine itself or the surrounding environment, well, we have nothing to explain to you. We are here to share what we have experienced and we are satisfied. After all, we are not spending much by going there and creating moments with our loved ones is itself a moment to remember and that’s priceless.


The park is located inside a large traffic circle in the shape of an ellipse and bounded by the Elliptical Road. If you going there by bus from EDSA, take a bus going to Fairview, Quezon City and drop by PhilCOA (abbreviation of Philippine Coconut Authority). From PhilCOA go across the overpass and walk going to the Circle. You may see a monument with three columns with angels on top. That’s the place. Then there’s an underpass just in front of the Philippine Coconut Authorities building. This leads to the heart of the Circle. And you’re in.

When coming from SM North EDSA or Trinoma, there are jeepneys passing by Quezon City Hall. They can drop you in front of the City Hall and there’s an underpass also that leads to the Circle. Just ask someone or better ask a traffic enforcer or a policeman.

So, that’s it for now. If there are questions you would like to ask, just leave comment here and we’re glad to assist you.

Happy New Year!

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